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Mobius offers its customers the ability to try before they buy; providing a Proof of Concept centered around demonstrating value. If approved for Trial, our customer can expect a 90 day, no cost (including no cost for HW and set up) delivery of Fraud Detection, Revenue Assurance, Virus Malware, and / or OTT Summary Reports. In addition, Mobius can trial its Test Call Generation solution. These Proofs of Concept are delivered prior to contract signature and provide our customers with real-life detections / reconciliations showing our customers the value of our innovative solutions.

Each trial has a pre-determined scope itemized in a Trial Proposal where reports are identified for Proof of Concept. Trials are collaborative and include training and access to reports via our secure portal. Our customers are able to work with reports built specifically for their business needs which contain real data. Mobius believes in its solutions so much, we are willing to invest in showing you our value.

Although not isolated to only these example, Proof of Concept Reports could include:

  • SIM-box Detection Fraud Summary (Daily / Hourly) Reports
  • Other Operator Report
  • Virus / Malware Survey and Detection Reports
  • IN vs. MSC Reconciliation Report
  • TAPOUT vs. MSC Reconciliation Report
  • Carrier of Network-wide OTT Activity Summary Report

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