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In addition to turnkey Solutions, Mobius can also offer RA / FM Consulting services to mobile network operators. Our team of RA / FM experts can provide networks with independent professional guidance in multi-vendor environments. The Mobius team is available for short-term RA / FM audits, RA / FM onsite and remote training and longer term support engagements.

Mobius is staffed with fraud and revenue assurance experts who have worked with multiple telecommunication operators and vendors on an international scale. Whether you are reviewing your fraud and revenue assurance capability and strategy, reviewing your fraud and RA team operations, or assessing the fraud and accidental risks on your customers, products and services, Mobius can support you. Our assessments can be focused on any particular service such as pre-paid service or can be a high level review across the range of your product and services. Our Revenue Assurance Review identifies potential loss revenues and opportunities within your Customer, Product and Billing Cycles to include Product Assurance, Billing and Collection Assurance (retail and interconnect), Billing Stream Assurance and Customer Risk Assessments.

Our reviews aim to identify issues and losses on the core areas of your product lines and operations. Our comprehensive reports will mainly comprise of recommendations on the vulnerabilities and risks, threats and revenue loss and opportunity issues we identify. We will consider your existing operational and technical resources and capabilities for practical resolutions and possible enhancements. We will present our findings with real evidences. Where quick-wins are identified during our reviews, we will bring these to your attention for appropriate immediate responses. Mobius welcomes that your staff accompany our consultants during all our review work to facilitate a skills transfer to your company for your ongoing capability of your fraud and revenue assurance operations, and may help in the implementations of our recommendations.

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