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Fraud Management

Fraud is a diverse and rapidly evolving challenge for mobile network operators today. Mobius Fraud Management (FM) is an reliable and scalable solution focused on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud model – providing networks with the peace of mind that their fraud solution will adapt to meet the changing environment. Mobius FM is quick to market and modular, without the heavy up-front infrastructure expense.

Mobius FM includes the Gatekeeper Bypass Fraud Detection module (SIM-box Detection).  Mobius FM additionally provides a host of standard fraud modules, including reports for International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), Premium Rate Services (PRS) Fraud, Subscription Fraud, Roaming Fraud, Dealer Fraud, Equipment Change Reports, High Usage Reports and more.

The Mobius Bypass Fraud Detection (Gatekeeper Solution) works to analyze traffic and data to detect multiple types of fraud. Mobius issues both Standard Reports (On-net, Off-net, Cells, Equipment, Refiling, Dealers, Summary & Details Reports, SIM Verification Report, Test Call report, etc) as well as Other Reports (High Usage, Hot IMEI, Hot MSISDN Ranges, IMEI Change Report, etc). We also produce other modules to manage fraud: interconnect, Dealer, PRS, Subscriber, Roaming, etc.

Bypass (SIM-box) Detection

Mobius’ Gatekeeper is a breakthrough software service for the detection of SIM-box GSM “bypass” termination devices. By utilizing a combination of traditional call record analysis with test call generation (TCG) and an innovative SIM verification module, the Gatekeeper solution can identify fraudulent bypass SIMs in a matter of hours – significant improvement over any competitive product on the market.

The SIM-box Fraud Bypass Problem: SIM-boxes bypass international tolls by routing calls over the Internet and through a local SIM, causing significant operator loss.

  • Direct Gateway Revenue Loss:  SIM-box calls bypass an operator’s international toll, typically causing $0.05 to $0.25 per subscriber of losses monthly.
  • Indirect Network Costs: SIM-boxes also overload cell towers unnecessarily and provide low-quality routes for international terminations.

Mobius Experience with SIM-box Detection

Mobius has successfully deployed its Gatekeeper solution at multiple operators, encountering a variety of fraud strategies, where operators were losing millions of USD monthly.

  • Rapid Initial Savings: Mobius projects typically save the GSM operator more than $1 million USD annually – savings that can be quickly demonstrated in the first month of the project.
  • Ongoing Fraud Detection: Bypass Fraud will always return after shutdown, and Mobius Gatekeeper remains on watch to immediately shut down new fraud attempts within hours.

Gatekeeper SIM-box Detection Approach

More sophisticated SIM-box operators are now using SIM servers and multiple remote gateways to simulate movement, automate calls and SMSs between SIMs, fake IMEIs, and use very low profile calling patterns. CDR analysis alone is not enough to detect fraud!

Mobius 3-Step Hybrid Approach

  • CDR Pattern Analysis Engine – quickly catches 95%+ certainty of fraud
  • SIM Verification – confirms to 99.9% by communicating with the SIM card U allows for the detection of low-profile SIM-box Fraud!
  • Call Generation – enhances effectiveness of solution using test calls

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