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Mobius Datasentry

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RA / FM) platforms today are largely confined to analysis of Call Detail Records (CDRs). DataSentry extends network RA / FM efforts to mobile data content, an increasingly important control point in modern smart-phone dominated networks. Using DataSentry’s powerful mobile gateway probe, RA managers can monitor Mobile Malware, Mobile Ads, VOIP and Over-the-Top (OTT) activity.

The Mobius DataSentry Model provides the following:

  • Mobile Gateway Probe and Reports for Mobile and Internet Gateways
  • Bypass VOIP Trunk Detection (SIP / IAX MGCP etc.)
  • Malware Detection (Traditional & Mobile)
  • Over-the-Top Analytics (CDR Creations & Reports)
  • Advertising Platform (Ad Splash or Insertion / Replacement)

Mobile Malware Detection

Mobile Malware Unique Instance Detection grew more than 20X in the past year. Toll Fraud has quickly become the main target for Mobile Malware. Symbian have long had cases of Toll Fraud malware targeting premium SMS but Android has taken this to a new level. Over-the-Top (OTT) Messaging & Voice (i.e. Skype, LIN) relegates MNO to simplify a data path for OTT companies to earn revenue for MNO subscribers. Mobile Advertising is also a form of revenue. Google, Facebook, and other Ad networks are making billions from using your mobile network to advertise to your subscribers. Good Data Analytics can help.

  • Virus Detection Service – CDR, SMS, GGSN
  • Virus Management Service – SIM App (OTA, OS Apps (Push))

OTT Analytics

Mobius Mobile Gateway probe detects and analyzes Over-the-top (OTT) activity at Gateways. Our reports generate “OTTDR”s from detected OTT communications through gateways (time, app, A-party (IMSI / MSISDN / IMEI / OTT Handle), B-party (OTT Handle)). The module generates summary reports on OTT activity levels with detailed drill down capabilities and reporting includes OTT application (eg Skype, WhatsApp, etc) type (text, voice, etc.) Summary reports for strategic product planning to hedge OTT-related losses.

Mobile Ad Analytics

Mobius provides Mobile Advertisement Analytics through summary reports of Mobile Ad activity by platform, equipment type, etc. and by quantifying how much Ad networks (Google, Facebook) are earning from your network. In-line Mobile Gateway Probe can dynamically insert Ad Splash screens at start of mobile data session. Intelligent splash screen and ad selection is based on subscriber profile. In-line Mobius Mobile Gateway probe can dynamically insert mobile ads or replace common ad platform (Google/Facebook) ads with MNO advertisements – reclaiming lost mobile ad revenue potential.

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