Mobius CLI Masking Protection


CLI Masking Identification and Prevention Solution

CLI Masking (or Spoofing) occurs when a carrier, or wholesale operator, manipulates the Calling Line Identity (CLI) to present a local number before sending the call downstream.  The fraud is difficult to detect when traffic is not clearly segregated by source on dedicated links. Without impacting call quality, Mobius helps the destination operator by detecting the events, providing evidence of incidents and providing controls that allow the operator to take action.


Mobius CLI Masking Protection provides prevention without call quality impacts

  • Uses CDR Analytics along with TCG to identify evidence

  • Secure Web Portal provides evidence details for review

  • Scalable signaling solution to prevent CLI spoofing


MNO Challenges

MNO’s require the ability to identify and block call sin real time to fraudulent IPRN destinations

How Does Mobius solve this?

Using a Hybrid approach between CDR analytics & TCG to identify evidence of CLI masking. The evidence is then reported to the operator via a secure portal in flat files.