Data Sentry


Mobile Data (OTT) Fraud Detection Solution

Data fraud is a rapidly growing challenge for MNO RA/FM managers. Mobius’ DataSentry detects several data related fraud scenarios (e.g. OTT bypass, data plan abuse, A2P SMS bypass, mobile malware and SMS spam), and helps eliminate data fraud activity on the customer mobile network, significantly reducing international gateway revenue. Provided as a managed service, Mobius’ DataSentry requires only minimal customer resources beyond the setup period.


Managed Service

Mobius provides Data Sentry as a turnkey, managed service. It is almost as simple as attach and go. For OTT Bypass protocol analysis configurations are pre-prepared. For SMS bypass, traffic classifications are pre-prepared based on Mobius’ experience and operator policies / rules. Adjustments are made during the validation phases. Mobius engineers and subject matter experts remain engaged, providing continuous support.


Independent, Neutral Auditor of SMS aggregator

Mobius will classify all traffic, compare it against firewall rules (policies), data rate, data size requirements and reject / block any traffic that does not meet the mobile operators policies.



Zero-Rating / Free Tier Tunneling Detection & Analytics

  • Data Proxy Bypass Detection & Analytics

  • Tethering Detection & Analytics

  • DNS Tunneling Detection & Analytics

  • OTT Bypass (Hijacking) Detection, Identification and Blocking

  • IDS / IPS Intrusion Detection

  • Mobile Malware Detection

  • A2P SMS Detection, Blocking & Reporting

  • SMS Bypass

Datasentry Graph.png