Mobius’ Gatekeeper


As SIMbox bypass fraud has evolved, fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated, and MNOs can no longer rely on the simple profiles used by typical fraud management systems. Gatekeeper Core Detection algorithms use machine learning to automatically adapt to changing fraud patterns and adjust rules for predictive detection. Gatekeeper detects complex graph relationships between fraudulent SIMs and identifies fake traffic generation.


Machine Learning

Gatekeeper utilizes machine learning that is specifically optimized for telecom bypass fraud management. The core engine is cloud based, allowing individual deployments to learn from fraud patterns on networks globally and deploy them locally to immediately adapt to changing fraud patterns.

In addition to applied machine learning, Mobius’ Gatekeeper quickly detects bypass fraud, using a hybrid of passive (CDR pattern analysis) and active (TCG test calls) in parallel and automatically correlated in near real-time to quickly identify and eliminate bypass fraud traffic.


Flexible Profile Creation

Gatekeeper is designed for maximum flexibility. Although machine learning is applied automatically, custom profiles, specific to each network, can add significant value. The Gatekeeper secure portal displays all results, providing RA/ analysis with a robust reporting and analytical tool-set for monitoring and investigations.

Mobius’ analysts evaluate results and create supplemental custom profiles based on their findings. Gatekeeper provides an area within the secure web portal to develop and review results. For networks interested in creating and testing self-created profiles, the Gatekeeper environment is available and user-friendly.


Magnify Test Call Effectiveness

Mobius recommends a combination of passive (CDR pattern analysis) and active test call (TCG) approach to bypass fraud detection. Gatekeeper automatically integrates CDR analysis and TCG. Test call detections are used to seed machine learning algorithms, immediately impacting CDR analysis to detect SIMs with similar patterns, effectively magnifying the impact of test calls to the order of 5 to 10 times. Gatekeeper includes test calls as part of the service, but can also integrate or partner with third party test call systems.


Flexible Configuration

Gatekeeper’s light footprint allows it to easily be deployed as a proof of concept and rapidly demonstrate return on investment, regardless of the size of the network. High-availability configurations are easy to implement & can often be deployed on a single server. Mobius can customize the Gatekeeper configuration to suit your environmental and regulatory needs.


Fastest SIM Barring on the Market!

Rapid barring of fraudulent SIMs is critical to cleaning the network of bypass fraud. By using a real-time data analysis approach, Gatekeeper is capable of near real-time fraud detection. Gatekeeper can detect SIMboxes in less than one minute on networks with fewer than 5M subscribers, and in less than ten minutes on larger networks. Fraudulent MSISDN files are also provided for automatic SIM barring. Early implementation of autobarring is critical to hitting the fraudsters where they care most - their cost.

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