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Mobius Rolls Out TCG+ Product


Affordable, No SIMs, Saves Time, Minimal False Positives!

Business Problem:

Test Calls Generation is known to be a sure

mechanism to identify SIM Bypass Fraud.

However, it can be a challenge for an RA / FM team

to support. Pricing can be high or tiered with many

variables for invoicing. Providing SIMs for TCG is a

time-consuming activity, involving multiple

departments and opens the door to internal fraud.

Mobius can provide a straight-forward, fixed price

TCG service without the hassle or high prices.

TCG+ is affordable, takes less time and provides

outstanding results.

Mobius Solution:

Mobius utilizes a proven subscriber calling method

to identify grey traffic fraud suspects. No channel or

virtual SIMs are necessary. A configurable volume

of test calls is performed without risk to customer

satisfaction. TCG+ suspects are sent to the MNO in

near real time via secure file transfer for automatic

blocking. With this technique, false positives are

virtually non-existent.