Mobius’ Traffic Control


Quality of Service (QoS) and Traffic Monitoring for Telecom Regulators

Mobius’ Traffic Control monitors operators’ traffic for variances and provides QoS and traffic reports in near real-time. Traffic reporting is at the operator / Aggregate and national / international levels, allowing the regulator a full view of network activity nation-wide. Mobius’ Traffic Control processes data feeds from a wide array of network elements, allowing the monitoring of all revenue generating products on all networks in a market. Results are provided to the regulator via a secure portal, and variances are highlighted as cases for easy review, investigation and resolution.


Mobius’ Traffic Control enables telecom regulators:

  • Be completely independent regarding the acquisition and management of operator's traffic data

  • Trace communications protocols

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing mobile traffic, as well as domestic & international transit traffic in real-time

  • Determine the Quality of Service of incoming and outgoing mobile traffic as well as transit traffic available to consumers

  • Provide reliable reports and performance analysis of mobile traffic